The Truth About Your BUSY Schedule

Are you too busy?  Do you feel overwhelmed by your schedule

I talk to a lot of women about their challenges and I have noticed a pattern that we are often stressed out about our schedules.  It is common for us to say things like, “I do not have enough time” or “My schedule is so crazy”.

I ask you to ponder this question.  When you think about your schedule, what do you tell yourself?

There are two purposes to this question.  First, Awareness.  Take a minute to be still and notice the way you usually think about your schedule.

Are you ready to learn the TRUTH about your schedule?  

Here it is- BUSYNESS is a MINDSET!

This means that we are only as busy as we think we are.

What if you believed you have exactly enough time?

Back to the ponder question.  When you think about your schedule, what do you tell yourself? 

The second purpose of the ponder question is an opportunity to Uplevel your Thinking

Some options of thoughts that may serve you are:

  • I can manage my schedule.
  • I can adjust my schedule to meet my needs.
  • I have exactly enough time each day.
  • I can choose how busy I am.
  • I can choose my down time. 
  • I want to do the things on my calendar because… (identify intentional purpose)
  • I have just enough time for my priorities.
  • I do not have to hustle for my worth.
  • I am worthy of love and belonging, regardless of what I accomplish.
  • It is ok for me to let go of good things to focus on the best things.
  • There is a time and a season for everything.
  • My calendar?  Yeah, I got this!

I like to think of my schedule as a resource that serves me and my purposes.  Time provides me with the opportunity to be intentional about my priorities and my commitments.  My favorite thought to practice is, “I have sufficient time to accomplish what I need to do today.”  I have written it on my bathroom mirror in dry erase marker, sent myself reminders on my phone, and read it from a post-it note in my car.  Intentional calendaring and practice choosing thoughts that serve me best empowers me to go about my day with calm and confidence.      

Your Invitation for Growth:  If one of the above thoughts resonates with you, try practicing it.  If there is not one that you can identify with, create your own desired thought that feels authentic to you.   Meet yourself where you are at and choose a believable thought that is one step closer to the mindset you want to achieve.  Write it down.  Say it outloud everyday this month.  What shifts do you notice in your mindset?  

Let me know how it goes!